Monday, June 15, 2009

ALBC in Historic Bethania

On Saturday, June 13, 2009, the community of Historic Bethania near Winston-Salem, North Carolina, celebrated its 250th anniversary. Amidst historic demonstrations and period costumes, the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy setup a booth featuring information about historic breeds of livestock. While it's important to know our cultural heritage, it's just as important to understand the history behind many of the historic breeds of livestock and poultry that are now threatened with extinction.
ALBC's exhibit included information about rare breeds, but the focus of the day quickly became the rare breed animals on display.

Jeannette and Fred Beranger brought their Marsh Tacky horses to help raise awareness for the breed. Many visitors were very impressed with the history of the horses as well as their hardiness and good looks. The horses were very relaxed and calm and enjoyed the visitors.

Charles Taft, ALBC Board member and rare breed raiser, brought his St. Croix sheep and Delaware chicken with chicks. Children flocked to the chicks and parents learned more about the history behind the breed. Mamma Delaware was very tolerant of the children holding her babies.

The St. Croix sheep were also a hit. Children and adults alike enjoyed petting the docile lambs and ewes. Charles Taft shared his experiences with raising the sheep and answered questions from the public.
Despite the 90 degree heat, the day was a success. Many people walked away from the exhbit realizing that many breeds of livestock and poultry are endangered. Being able to pet the animals and see the animals upclose made the experience more real. These were no longer just pictures in a book - these were real, live animals that need our help and protection.

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