Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Journey of a Thanksgiving Turkey: Part Two

The irony is not lost on this farmer that the second leg of these turkeys journey to Thanksgiving began on another holiday...Easter.  Yep, these turkeys hatched on Easter Sunday.

Here you can see in the first photo they have just hatched and are ready for the small temporary brooder in the incubator room.  There they will continue to dry out and fluff up, strech their legs from being in that egg, and have their first meal...Easter Sunday dinner of starter crumbles...yum!

Here you see the same turkeys on Tuesday as they get moved into the big brooder.  They will stay in the big brooder for the next few weeks until they grow their feathers and are strong enough to handle life on the lush green pastures of the farm.
Stage two of the jurney is underway, the poults have hatched very successfully and are in the brooder.  I'll post an update from the brooder after the birds have grown up and have some feathers.  Stay tuned for the brooder update and then it's on to the third leg of the journey...life on pasture...    

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