Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Finding Farmland and Farm Jobs

A question we are often asked at The Livestock Conservancy comes from those who don't have the resources to buy a farm, but want to get involved.  Fortunately,  there are a number of organizations out there who can help. 

One of these is the Center for Rural Affairs, 402.687.2100. 
They help  aspiring farmers in the upper midwest connect to land, mentors, and jobs, through the Land Link program.

There are also beginning farmer resources in almost every state, through non-profit and sometimes state government.  Even if you're an experienced farmer, it can be helpful to connect to these organizations and their networks. 
Try googling "Farm Opportunities <statename>"
Check with your extension agent for other opportunities in your state - there may even be small grants to get you started.

If you are new to farming and want to learn more through an internship, google is your friend.  Google "Farm Internship" and see how many opportunities show up! 
Check out this website too:
It may be worthwhile to connect with your state's farmland preservation trust(s);  sometimes families who are struggling to preserve their farms are looking for interns or farm managers to help out.  This might also be a way to find farmland for sale.
Finally, some online job sites post farm jobs and internships, such as

Don't forget The Livestock Conservancy's classifieds!  There are sections for Jobs/Internships, and for Stewardship Opportunities.   As a member you can post ads for free, so contact the office to set up an account.
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