Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Letter from a Donkey

ALBC members are very active in promoting rare breeds. Through out the country, members attends shows, fairs, and gatherings to spread the word about ALBC. This particular 4-legged member decided to share her experience.

Dear Friends at ALBC,

My name is Lake Nowhere Eden and I am a 5 month old American Mammoth Jackstock jennet. My human mom saw in your newsletter that there was going to be a Rare Breeds Show at the Garfield Farm Museum in LaFox, IL on May 23rd, 2010. She wrote to Mr. Johnson, the Executive Director of the Museum and asked if they would like for me to visit. He told her that I was invited and that she could come as my wait staff. I have no idea where Illinois is, but I had a grand time in the trailer for 8 hours playing with my Jolley Ball and eating out of TWO hay bags!

We got to the museum three days before the show so that I could rest and check out the farm. It is a really neat place, but they put me in an old barn next to some big oxen and I did not like that one bit! My accomodations were lavish with all sorts of straw and food and water, but there were no humans there at night to keep me company. My Mom walked me a mile and 1/2 everyday up to a feed store near the farm and I had great fun visiting the animals there. I also got to see all the wonderful human volunteers that came to the farm to help set up for the show. I tried to help, but without thumbs I really could not do too much! The day of the show I got up early and got my halter (with rhinestones on it) and lead rope on and my mom let me eat the nice grass that was outside the barn. Then all the other animals started to arrive.

All sorts of cows, sheep, horses, mules and poultry that I have never seen before were at the show. It was really interesting walking around even though some of the animals did not like my big ears! I wanted to become friends with the oxen, but they had no interest in talking with me at all. That was o.k. because then the humans started to arrive! I got petted and adored and just had the best time, but I got tired, so about half way through the show I decided that I needed to roll on the nice dirt floor of the barn and decided to take a siesta. Humans still came and visited me, as well - they should have and I enjoyed it immensely! It was a very hot day, but I walked in and out of the barn. There was a table with ALBC pamphlets on it and a wonderful display in the barn too. My mom told me that I could not touch the ALBC display, but I did try to eat an ALBC pamphlet and let me tell you, they don't taste so good! What about hemp paper and soy ink in the future? Anyway, I just wanted to tell you what a great trip I had and I hope that I can do it again next year. Mom said something about an ALBC annual conference. I am ready to go, I will just have to alert my wait staff! Thanks for letting me know about wonderful events like this.

Your friend,

Eden AKA The Diva

PS - I met a very nice lady who loved "my fiber" (I think that is fur?). She told my mom that when I get body clipped that my mom should send my fur to her. She is going to spin it and make my mom a hat! One for herself too...I think it will be funny to see my mom wearing my fur...maybe the lady can put big ears on my mom's hat so she will look more like me.