Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All I want for Christmas....

This holiday season, the ALBC staff had a little fun answering the following question:
If you could have any heritage breed for Christmas, what would it be?

Anneke with Dutch Belted Oxen
Anneke Jakes, Breed Registry Manager:I’d have a Dutch Belted cow because of my heritage (and current registry work with them), but also because it would really look great on my lawn – of course I’d be better off with Lakenvelder chickens – same good looks and heritage, but easier to handle and could provide me with eggs, it would however not be able to mow my lawn! (Dutch Belts)

Angelique Thompson

Angelique Thompson, Operations Manager:A Dexter cow because they are cute and fuzzy and not listed as a “banned” breed on my apartment complex lease. I think Lucy ( my dog) would enjoy. (Dexters)

Ryan Walker with Randall Oxen

Ryan Walker, Membership Services Manager
I would choose a Runner duck just like the one we saw at Conner Prairie. That little guy had the best personality and I was amazed that he liked to be petted so much. It was fun to see him “take charge” of the barn and make sure the other animals were on their best behavior for visitors. (Runner ducks)

Jeannette with Poitou

Jeannette Beranger, Research and Technical
Programs Manager
I’d get a Poitou donkey. I find them to be one of the most charming and likeable creatures I have ever encountered and with my current coyote dilemma, a Poitou could earn its keep on the farm as a guardian. It’s a pie in the sky wish but, the fact is that if it weren’t for my fondness for Poitous, I might not  have found myself working for ALBC today. (Long story but true….) (Poitou donkeys)

Chuck Bassett

Chuck Bassett, Executive Director 
My choice would have to be a flock of Buckeye chickens. They are great dual purpose birds, easy keepers, and I love the way they look. They are also one of ALBC’s best conservation success stories. (Buckeye chickens)

Michele with Choctaw horse

Michele Brance, Donor Information Manager
Marsh Tacky or Choctaw horse – I’ve always wanted a horse and I’ve liked the horses of these breeds that I’ve been around. I especially love the grullo color. I saw a Choctaw mare at Debbie Hamilton’s farm that was steel gray with black points, mane, tail, dorsal stripe and primitive markings on the legs. I still remember how she took my breath away, and if I’m going to have a horse, I’d like a horse that would take my breath away each time I looked at it!
(Choctaw-Colonial Spanish horse)

Jennifer with Guinea hog

Jennifer Kendall, Marketing and Communications Director
I'd probably start with something fairly small ..... although my long-term goal would be to have a draft horse. Maybe a little Spanish goat would be good for this Christmas. They have a rich history, are a manageable size, and they can do my lawn care this Spring. (Spanish goat)

Alison Martin

Alison Martin, Research and Technical Programs Director
This Christmas I would select a heritage breed not for myself but as a Christmas gift.  My mother lives on some of the last undeveloped land in southern California.  It was a working cattle ranch from the time the Spaniards arrived until around 1980.  Without active grazing, the brush has grown and invasive star thistles are found throughout the pastures.  Mom’s land is less than 60 miles from San Clemente Island as the seagull flies, so I would get her a flock of San Clemente goats to manage the invasive plants (and a goat herder to manage the goats). (San Clemente Island goats)