Thursday, September 1, 2011

Just In! New APA Standard of Perfection

The ALBC staff was delighted to receive the new 2010 APA Standard of Perfection earlier this week. The APA Standard is the "bible" when it comes to chickens. Much of ALBC's work is focused on ensuring that breeds are bred to certain standards, and for chickens the APA Standard is it!

The Standard is a valuable tool in the office. Whenever I can't find the book on the shelf, I know I can find it on the desk of one of our technical staff members. We often evaluate our images of chickens and poultry against the pictures provided in the Standard to help us determine whether or not an image is a quality representation of the breed. The Standard is also a great tool when we are answering questions from members or breeders. For example, people will ask how much a particular breed should weigh at market weight or they will ask what colors are acceptable. The Standard is our "go to" resource for helping people with these questions.

It seems silly, but around this office we get giddy over the Standard. Congratulations to APA for getting this new and updated publication into the hands of breeders!

Click here to purchase a copy from APA.