Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just Another Day at the Office...

ALBC had a special visitor in the office last month – of the reptilian kind. A Black Rat Snake found its way in overnight and showed up in the kitchen, assumingly looking for breakfast. Breed Registry Manager Anneke Jakes was the first to meet our scaly friend, nearly stepping on it when turning the lights on for the day. Unfortunately, before the staff was able to catch the snake, it slithered its way behind the counter and out of reach. After some brief contemplation, it was decided that we would simply have to wait for the critter to reappear on its own will before catching it.

The day’s business resumed until the afternoon when staff were packing up materials near the front door of the office. Membership Services Manager Ryan Walker caught a glimpse of the snake out of the corner of his eye lounging nearby on some boxes recently received in the mail. Apparently it had made its way stealthily past everyone while they were at their desks to the front of the office.

Luckily, Research & Technical Programs Manager Jeannette Beranger had previous experience with snakes and leaped into action. Before joining ALBC, Jeannette had worked as a zookeeper for the Roger Williams Park Zoo and cared for a 20 foot Boa Constrictor, so our little Black Rat Snake was no problem for her.

After donning her gloves, she reached down to nab our friend, which wasn’t going to give up its lounging spot easily. The snake wrapped itself around a bookshelf in an attempt to keep Jeanette from grabbing it and after a brief struggle; it decided to take a different route. The snake came loose in Jeannette’s hands and curled back around as if to give her a wink, then slithered out onto the ground across the office and the race was on.

Jeannette ran after the snake, diving to the ground and catching its tail while Executive Director Chuck Bassett stepped lightly on the back of its head to gain control of the animal. Jeannette then carefully picked up our friend, took it outside, and released it into a lot nearby. “It’s hopefully resting happily by the bakery out back now”, said Jeannette; “There is never a dull moment at ALBC”, said Jeannette.


  1. So you passed it on to the bakery?

    My hubby is the snake person. I worry though because neither of us is as quick as we used to be. Doesn't matter if it's a rat snake, a corn snake or a copperhead, all are moved to where they will be more useful - usually the old barn.

    But he better never move one to my kitchen! ;-)