Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Finding Rare Breeds

The most commonly asked question about heritage breeds is, “Where do I find them?”  Heritage breeds can be hard to find, especially finding the breed you want near you.  That’s the thing about endangered breeds – they are rare! 

Top 5 ways to find heritage breeds

Buff Orpington
1.     The Livestock Conservancy’s online Breeders Directory.
Livestock Conservancy members are some of the most passionate about conserving their breeds, so they may be aligned with your breeding objectives.

2.    The Livestock Conservancy’s online Classifieds.

3.    Breed Associations. Finding a breeder through the Breed Association is a great way to find knowledgeable and dedicated breeders. And if you’re just starting out, this is also a great place to find a mentor.

4.    Networking with local farmers. Raising the same heritage breeds as others in your area can create a strong community of breeders, raising the effective “herd” size in the region. Some breeder groups have even banded together to leverage volume buying discounts or co-marketing to larger customers.  Start asking around to find out who is raising heritage breeds in your area.

5.    Heritage poultry. Many serious poultry breeders are members of the Society for Preservation of Poultry Antiquities (SPPA). Their breeders directory is a great place to find unusual and rare breeds of poultry.

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