Wednesday, February 17, 2010

President's Day - President's Influence

This past Monday we celebrated Presidents Day. For many this is a day of car and furniture sales, but historically the holiday was to honor George Washington's birthday. In the later year's of American history, the holidaybecame a day to also honor Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

In honoring these historic figures, we often forget that their influences went beyond government. In fact, George Washington was very influential in the development of many of the early American livestock breeds.

Check out the breed profiles of the American Mammoth Jackstock, the Leicester Longwool sheep, and the Tunis sheep to learn how George Washington had a hand in developing these breeds in the United States. Each of these breeds is now on ALBC's Conservation Priority List, yet they've been here since the early days of our country. Shouldn't we preserve this history for future generations?

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