Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lowcountry Heritage Breeds Festival

This past week, Jeannette and I spent several days in the Lowcountry of South Carolina doing field work, outreach, education, marketing, and promotion. It was a busy trip with lots of interesting side stories that we will share here over the next few weeks.

On Saturday, ALBC participated in the first annual Lowcountry Heritage Breeds Festival held at the Coastal Discovery Museum in Hilton Head, SC. The event was a success! There were over 1,200 people that attended and everyone was engaged and eager to learn more about heritage breeds.

We tested out our new display which features then and now images of endangered breeds. It's great to see photos from a 100 years ago next to pictures from today - and these breeds look the same! They really are the breeds of our ancestors. Jeannette also did two presentations at the event. These were both very well received. There was standing room only and probably 70+ participants at each one. It's exciting to see people wanting to learn more about these breeds, how they shaped agriculture, and how we can help save them.

We are still catching up from the trip, but I wanted to post a few images from the Heritage Breeds Festival. More images to come from the 2nd Annual Marsh Tacky Races!

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